Arrangements Continue across the nation to control the Locust situation.

Exertion is in progress to put leveled out desert grasshoppers that have and keep on plaguing different regions in the Northern Red Sea, Anseba, Central and Southern Regions, as per the Ministry of Agriculture. 

The Ministry of Agriculture expressed that gratitude to the coordinated activities by EDF units, people in general and experts since 23 October, containers that brought forth in and were extended more than 1400 hectares in a few sub-zones of the Northern Red Sea Region, especially Qrora, Afabet, and Shieb were put leveled out. 

Also, deliberate measures are being under taken to control desert grasshopper pervasion that showed up in Asmat, Anseba Region, just as in Kerkebet and Selia sub-zones, Gash Barka Region. 

In like manner, the report noticed that desert grasshopper swarm intrusion that extended in more than 19 places in Dubarwa, Mendefera, Adi-Kuala, Emni-Haili, Senafe and Adi-Keih sub-zones, Southern Region have been put leveled out, gratitude to the coordinated measures from 20-27 October. 

It is to be reviewed that grasshopper pervasion that was extended in more than 200 hectares in Selae Daero managerial zone, Gala-Nefhi sub-zone, Central Region was put leveled out on 24 October. 

The Ministry of Agriculture calls for dire and facilitated crop gather and partners to report cases of beetle multitudes as the upsurge of insect invasion from neighboring nations just as containers bring forth inside the nation stays basic.