Angola: Flash floods in Luanda kill 14 people and damaged hundreds of houses

On April 19, 2021, heavy rains and floods in Luanda, the capital of Angola, caused huge casualties and property losses. According to a report from the Luanda Provincial Government on April 19, preliminary data showed that 14 people were killed and 2 people were injured, 1617 houses were flooded and 16 collapsed. It is believed that 8,165 people have been displaced or seriously injured as a result. After the bridge over the Camorteiro River in the city of Talatona was partially damaged, the roads south of the city were closed. The flood came after the early heavy rains on April 19, when the drainage ditch was blocked by debris, making the situation worse. Electric shock and house collapse were some of the main causes of death. Five people were reported dead in the city of Luanda and others reported in the nearby communities of Cazenga, Cacuaco, Viana and Kilamba-Kiaxi. Governor of Luanda Province, Joana Lina Ramos Baptista Candido expressed condolences to the family that has lost a loved one. This is the second major flood in the city in four weeks.Since March 16, 2021, heavy flash floods caused by heavy rains have hit Luanda Province. Local media quoted reports from the National Fire and Civil Defense Bureau that at least 4 people were killed and 3 people were missing. The Angolan Ministry of Interior stated that on April 16, 2021, a heavy rain caused devastating damage in the city of Sumbe, in Cuanza Sul province, about 250 kilometers south of Luanda. A young man was killed and two were injured.