Anger in Somalia as sons secretly sent to serve in Eritrea military force

Ali’s child was one of three youthful Somali men whose families disclosed to Reuters they had been selected by Somalia’s national government for occupations in Qatar, just to surface in Eritrea, where they were shipped off serve in a military power without wanting to. 

Reports that Eritrean powers have participated in battling that broke out in November a year ago in adjoining northern Ethiopia – which Eritrea and Ethiopia firmly deny – have driven a few Somalis to stress their children may have been sent there. 

Inquired as to whether Eritrea had enlisted Somalis, prepared them or sent them to Ethiopia, Eritrean Information Minister Yemane Meskel told Reuters: “This is absurd … 

Somali government representative Mohamed Ibrahim and Information Minister Osman Dube didn’t react to demands for input on the Somali government’s obvious job in the enlistment, yet Ibrahim said no Somalis had been shipped off Ethiopia. 

The heads of Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea have been moving nearer together since 2018, after a difference in authority in Ethiopia.


“Father, there is no life here, I have not seen food save a protuberance or cut of bread since I left Somalia in 2019, and when enlisted people show or reject arranges, a projectile is the answer.” 

Sahra Abdikadir, whose child Aqil Hassan Abdi vanished in 2019 under comparable conditions, revealed to Reuters that he had brought in January and said he was in a camp in an obscure area in Eritrea. 

Eritrea, a vigorously mobilized society, has never held races, has no autonomous media and powers its residents into indefinate taxpayer supported organization. 

A territorial security examiner who requested that not be recognized disclosed to Reuters he had gained from discussions with Somali security authorities that around 1,000 Somalis had been enrolled and taken to Eritrea in at any rate three gatherings. 

One gathering had gotten back to Somalia, the subsequent gathering was inaccessible and the third was as yet in Eritrea.