An Eritrean shares His life of struggles in Athens.

At the point when Samuel left his home in Eritrea and started his long excursion to Europe, his wife was pregnant. Presently in Athens, he revealed to InfoMigrants that he aches to meet the child he has never observed in person.”I got all my garments from Khora,” Samuel did not just get his garments from them, he has additionally been there to get food. He has been depending on charity, living from hand to mouth, for as long as nine months.”I came to Athens in January 2020. Samuel was fortunate to have made Eritrean companions who welcomed him to remain in their level. However, he is very appreciative that he has a spot to stay at all. At the point when I was sleeping in the road it was harish,” he says.”The companions who saw me sleeping on the road had some pity for me”. He acquired a fake passport and was on a plane from Addis Ababa to Istanbul, Turkey.”My family members helped me to pay US$4,000 for the passport. It was enormous cash, however, I had no alternative since I needed to escape from Ethiopia. There were some security individuals from my administration there and I dreaded for my life,” Samuel says.”The identification was an Ethiopian passport with another name. At the point when I showed up in Istanbul, someone went with me and he quickly took it from me and returned it to Ethiopia. It was distinctly to escape Addis Ababa”.”In Turkey the vocation is modest and some Eritrean companions likewise paid my food there,” Samuel continued.”There it is better”. Be that as it may, Samuel would not like to settle down in Turkey, he just remained a month in Istanbul.”I needed to get asylum, so I needed to go through Greece to enter the European Union”.”I crossed the Evros stream by pontoon. At the point when they showed up in Thessaloniki, Samuel and his companions were dealt with kindly.”The individuals of Greece are very open-minded and they accepted us. While other Eritrean companions may have had various encounters, he has not by and by experienced racism.”I need to thank the individuals of Greece since they permit us to go to their nation,” he says.”We have a different color, different background, however in any event they allow us to remain here”. Samuel, in the same way as other others InfoMigrants addressed in Athens, needs to leave Greece when possible.”I miss my family. So I want to pursue my studies towards a masters or Ph.D. if possible,” he discloses to us.’My dream is to go to Belgium’ Samuel is certain that he will be allowed haven on the grounds that, as he accurately calls attention to, Eritreans have a high pace of acknowledgment in Europe and “the Eritrean circumstance is known everywhere on the world”. Samuel has given a valiant effort to advise himself about Europe’s fractured asylum system, and he has set his sights solidly on Belgium.”If I get an opportunity or God’s permits, I will go farther to Europe. My dream is to go to Belgium, and in the event that not there, at that point the Netherlands or Sweden. He isn’t worried about the danger of being gotten back to Greece, should he be trapped in another European country.” Some Eritrean companions figured out how to go illegally, just by paying a huge amount of money, yet they didn’t return,” he says. The facts confirm that in the previous barely any years, Greece has dismissed pretty much every solicitation from other European states to reclaim asylum seekers. However, I have not a penny,” Samuel says. As his edginess to leave Greece develops, Samuel actually has no arrangement or chance to raise the assets for the excursion. His dissatisfaction at the Greek framework is additionally mounting.” I know the issues they have in Greece because a lot of asylum seekers have arrived in Greece. But I still think the government makes it difficult on purpose.” he says.

*Samuel’s genuine name was not utilized so as to ensure his family.