Ambassador Issa to Khartoum Takes a new step in strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries.

The president named isaias Afwerki’s decision and according to identical sources in the capital Asmara Issa Ahmed Issa ambassador to Khartoum, while Major General Ramadan Olyai was named commander of the central and southern regions, And veshai Heli “Afar” for the middle region and Mahmoud Harwi for Qash Barca.

Of course, the renaming of Ambassador Issa to Khartoum is a new step in strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries, particularly in their security aspects. The Eritrean Embassy has been run by the charge d’affaires for many years, and Ambassador Issa is one of those accompanying Isaias Afwerki on his private and secret visit to the Eritrean neighbours.

Issa Ahmed Issa is known to have managed a large number of security files in the Horn of Africa, particularly Sudan, as he served on the staff of the Office of the People’s Front for the Liberation of Eritrea during the period of armed struggle and ambassador after independence.

Ambassador Issa is in Khartoum, according to a special source in the Sudanese capital.

The government’s Ramadan government has been able to provide a comprehensive and comprehensive plan to combat the use of violence against women.

Mr. Fasahi Aphro’s struggle biography says that he was one of the hardest Eritrean militants in military intelligence, he worked behind the lines of the Ethiopian army during the liberation struggle and participated in the planning and execution of the attack on Asmara airport in 1984.