Amanal Petros Marathon star searches for family

Munich – The new German long distance race cheerful Amanal Petros is extremely stressed. 

It was half a month prior that Amanal Petros came into the spotlight. 

Be that as it may, despite the fact that the 25-year-old set another German record with 2:07:18 hours and accordingly commended the best achievement of his vocation, the long distance runner is managing totally various things. 

Germany’s new long distance race record holder is frantically looking for his mom and two sisters who disappeared in the Ethiopian war area of Tigray. 

There Petros currently needs to look for his family members, has even brought in the Red Cross, and furthermore helped German companions. 

It’s terrible what’s going on. Guiltless individuals are being slaughtered there,” Petros told DPA.

Petros sets new German record

At the Marathon in Valencia, Petros completed sixteenth in 2:07:18 hours, improving Arne Gabius’ past best season of 2015 by 1:15 minutes. 

Despite the fact that this is obviously extremely hard to track down the family among 70,000 individuals. 

Yet, that is my solitary expectation,” said Petros, who was himself brought into the world in Eritrea and came to Germany as a political exile. 

On the off chance that I had contact with my family, it would be an immense present – the most delightful Christmas present.” 

Petros was naturalized in Germany on 27 October 2015. A year ago he fulfilled the Olympic guideline in his first long distance race. 

In any case, the musings of his mom and sisters leave him no rest. “I haven’t been in contact for seven weeks,” Petros said.