A married couple, both teachers, die of Covid-19 while holding hands with their children

Hitched for a very long time, they kicked the bucket together from Covid-19 confusions sharing one last grasp – holding each other’s hands and the hands of their youngsters. 

Paul Blackwell, 62, and Rose Mary Blackwell, 65, died on Sunday following fourteen days in serious consideration and a few days on ventilators at Harris Methodist Hospital, their child Shawn Blackwell told CNN. 

They were the two instructors in the Grand Prairie Independent School District in Grand Prairie, Texas. 

Blackwell said his folks worked up until they got debilitated in December. 

The family settled on the troublesome choice following a few days to take them off life after specialists affirmed there was no possibility of recuperation, as per Blackwell. 

My sibling and I were both holding my parent’s hands also, so every one of the four of us were holding each other’s hands as they were both eliminated from the ventilator.” 

The Grand Prairie Independent School District communicated their sympathies to the family and the school network in a post to online media on Monday. 

Our musings and supplications go out to their family, companions, associates, and understudies both current and previous,” the school locale wrote in a post to Facebook.