A Kick in the Leg: The Secret, Corrupt Political History of the Nobel Peace Prize

Now and then the Nobel Peace Prize Committee hands out Nobel’s decoration to individuals and associations that merit it. 

The historical backdrop of the Nobel Peace Prize and the United Nations is confounded: some of the time it’s a “protected decision,” different occasions, it’s a “kick in the leg” to the U.S. government. 

The Nobel Peace Prize 2020 has been granted to the UN’s World Food Program for its endeavors to battle “hunger as a weapon of war.” The United Nations is a long-term top choice of the panel, having won the Nobel Peace Prize multiple times. 

There was another inspiration driving Obama’s Peace Prize, be that as it may – The Nobel Peace Prize, notwithstanding being utilized for politically vital purposes, has additionally once in a while been utilized with the expectation to rebuff and keep individuals, particularly lawmakers, in line. 

Al Gore, additionally an adversary to Bush and his organization, won the prize in 2007 for his fight against an Earth-wide temperature boost. Butchery may have lost the official political decision to George W. Bramble in 2000, yet through the Nobel Peace Prize, he was vindicated. 

No other prize holds more esteem than the Nobel Peace Prize. 

Choosing victors who are obviously not harmony champions makes doubt. Be that as it may, the Nobel Peace Prize, as an establishment, isn’t the only one in this. 

The Nobel Peace Prize Committee is demonstrating a case of administration that is troublesome as opposed to bringing together. Rather than settling on the strong decisions our reality needs, it has fallen into the enticement of intensity and governmental issues. 

It has been influenced by ubiquity and notoriety as opposed to defending the genuine estimations of the Nobel Peace Prize—Alfred Nobel’s expectations of harmony and solidarity. 

By disregarding Nobel’s last will and confirmation, and debasing the chronicled hugeness of the prize, the board has detached from Nobel and changed his prize for worldwide demilitarization into an overall prize for whatever it most advantageously characterizes as “harmony” right now.