A Chinese and Turkish Attack drones will dominate TPLF Tanks

A Chinese and Turkish Attack robots will overwhelm TPLF Tanks, strategies, BM rocket cannons and volunteer army dissipated over the Tigray mountains… . 

as Tigray-Amara and Eritrean front Conflict Showcases the Future of the Horn of African anticipated interior clash in Tigray State and Amara State. 

Correspondents have been avoided broad communications in Ethiopia and the immediate effect of the encounters as of late, however designs mixed by the revived shelling of Gonder zones will prompt the everyday monster abruptly ending up in the rear of a ton of emergency vehicle, being given a coincidental look at the human outcomes of the impending air war and ambushes on the Tigray mountains covered up by TPLF tanks and civilian armies. 

In Ethiopia, drones bought from Turkey and China will be utilized to defuse the impending battles in Tigray. 

These little specialties otherwise called lingering weapons can watch targets including tanks, gunnery establishments or troops prior to exploding themselves. 

A planned Turkish robot in the area of Tigray will likewise fly high over the contested locale among Eritrea and Tigray and will be dispatching rocket strikes across Asmara Regional State fringes. 

Prior to leaving the combat area and entering the overall security of Amara State, Tigray vendor stated, “We see huge numbers of Ethiopian soldiers harmed . 

It is horrible what’s going on in Tigray currently, driven by TPLF local army against Ethiopian government.”