8-year-old with dreams of becoming first Black-Canadian in space gets wisdom from heroes

“Altogether, we’ve had, I accept, 13 African-Americans out of 550 to go to space,” Yaphet said. 

Yaphet said he has respected Chris Hadfield, the principal Canadian space traveler to stroll in space, since he was in kindergarten. 

“We found out about a space traveler named Chris Hadfield and I thought I need to resemble Chris Hadfield,” he said. 

Hadfield sent Yaphet a customized video message this week for certain useful tidbits. 

The second is tune in to individuals who hear what they’re saying – tune in to your educators, tune in to the specialists and attempt to gain from them and tune in to your folks. 

Not long after, Yaphet met a couple of a greater amount of his #1 Canadians. 

“Notwithstanding Marc Garneau, your legend and the primary Canadian in space, I additionally brought Jeremy Hansen… who could be the main Canadian to go to the moon in 2023,” Hussen said while addressing Yaphet, his sister, and his folks, who moved to Canada from Eritrea. 

Garneau and Hansen addressed Yaphet’s inquiries and shared a portion of their encounters.