Teodros Y. Ghebreyesus Thrives at solving technical problems

The pandemic has given Ghebreyesus a lot of opportunities to discover arrangements. He and his associates have gone through months ensuring understudies, personnel and staff are protected in their study halls. A portion of the prep has been the sort of tech stuff you would expect an AV fellow like Ghebreyesus to take on. He’s changed out customary PC screens in classroom with models that have built-in microphones and webcams to oblige virtual learning. He’s put new voice intensification hardware in classrooms. He and his partners experienced classrooms, naming seats and stamping socially removed spots on the floor. Ghebreyesus and other AV representatives even did a touch of acting, claiming to be teachers or understudies to assist associates with testing out new video conferencing programming. Nobody is truly prepared for a pandemic, so they have needed to sort everything out on the fly. “We are all at home gathering by means of Zoom or on the telephone day by day or a couple of times each day to perceive what data is out there,” said Ghebreyesus, who has been at UGA for a very long time. They conceptualize and look at what their partners have found at different schools to take care of new issues, for example, finding the best cleaning answer for use on study hall contact boards. Ghebreyesus, who lived in Asmara, Eritrea, in Eastern Africa until he was 18, seems, by all accounts, to be chipping away at around 8 billion things without a moment’s delay, which is his typical mode in any event, during nonpandemic times. What’s more, he’s had a propensity for designing however long he can remember. “When I was a youngster, I was consistently inquisitive to know how things functioned,” he said. In spite of the fact that he cherishes working with hardware and tackling issues, his number one aspect of the occupation is helping individuals. He depicted going into study halls to help employees with specialized issues and afterward fixing the issue so the instructing could go on.”The grin that you see all over after you helped that implies a great deal,” said Ghebreyesus.”Sometimes they are so decent and state, ‘Give Teodros a series of praise for fixing the issue.’ When they are upbeat, it fulfills me”. As much as Ghebreyesus prefers a periodic round of adulation, he’s resolved to impart those praise to his kindred workers.”Our group is a family,” he said.”Just like every other person nearby, we did what we expected to do to protect everyone while preparing the grounds for classes to start. We as a whole cooperated as a group, connected at the hip,” he stated, at that point delayed and laughed. “Except it was no-contact inseparably”.

Source: https://news.uga.edu/unsung-hero-teodros-ghebreyesus/