158 asylum applications submitted in Luxembourg in September

158 applications for international protection had been filed in Luxembourg in September, sixty eight extra than in August. Since January, 785 people have utilized for world protection in the Grand Duchy extra than double in contrast to remaining 12 months all through the identical period. Very few asylum seekers have submitted purposes for the duration of the months of lockdown: 10 functions for global protection have been filed in April and 18 in May. Since August, the vast variety of functions has increased again. The majority of asylum seekers come from Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Turkey, Guinea-Conakry, and Nigeria. Since 1 January, 1,129 alternatives have already been taken: 568 candidates have been granted refugee status. 84 transfers have been organized below the Dublin Regulation, greater often than now not to Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. 59 people arrived in Luxembourg under this procedure. 65 returns of asylum seekers have been organized from the Grand Duchy: forty seven voluntary and 18 forced.

Source: https://today.rtl.lu/news/luxembourg/a/1598733.html